About Us || The story behind The Cocoa Belt

My wife and I love chocolate and often treat ourselves to nice chocolate on special occasions. We would usually default to brands available in supermarkets and on the high street. Until one day, when we discovered a very small hand-crafted chocolate shop in Sheffield. We loved these chocolates so much that we decided to look into the local small batch chocolatiers a bit closer and see who else was out there producing these lovely creations. 

The Cocoa Belt offers a selection of British single origin 'bean to bar' chocolate gifts delivered to your door. We partner with the most talented chocolate makers of the country. We carefully choose chocolate bars to ensure that our customers get the exquisite selection and experience.

Often a high-quality chocolate is associated with countries like Belgium or Switzerland, but goodness me, UK has lots to offer! And we can prove this to you! You are in for a surprise!

At The Cocoa Belt we are passionate about what we do, collaborate within the industry that we work, and believe that the chocolate we offer is a truly unique and special way to treat yourself or someone else. Chocolate is the finest way to feel loved.

Ian, Founder of The Cocoa Belt