Our Brand

Looking for the best British chocolate? Then look no further than The Cocoa Belt!

We have carefully identified some of the best craft chocolate made by independent brands across the UK.   

Talented individuals producing craft chocolate are based up and down the breadth of the country and they are super passionate about it. That passion is captured in every chocolate bar in our selection.

Each brand that we work with has its own ethos and style. Chocolate is produced in small batches by hand to control the quality at every step and retain all unique flavours of the cocoa beans used.

Therefore, you are guaranteed to receive chocolate of the highest quality there is. Many of the bars we source are:

. bean to bar

. single origin

. supporting fair and ethical trade of the cocoa beans

. kind to the environment

We bring to you the best chocolate that is unique in flavour, where you can taste the distinguished notes of where the beans originate from.

Choosing to shop at The Cocoa Belt, you are supporting the local businesses across the UK and raising the awareness on bean to bar chocolate.  

There is no other brand that gives you the opportunity to discover incredible British craft chocolate from different brands in one place.