Why Choose Us?

Thank you for visiting this page. At The Cocoa Belt we think it is important to understand where your chocolate comes from and how your chocolate is made. It is also important to to us to explain what makes this bean to bar chocolate so different; that it is worth spending a little extra for. 

Firstly, you may be wondering what the cocoa belt means? This map shows the fascinating cocoa belt.

The cocoa belt wraps around the globe, 20 degrees north and south of the equator. This is where the majority of the world’s cocoa bean farmers are located. Highlighted in red, is the location of all the cocoa beans used by the chocolate makers that we work with.


Single Origin Beans

The origin of the cocoa bean is one of the key factors that creates the unique flavour profile of each chocolate bar.

The location, altitude, soil type, amount of sun light makes each cocoa farm unique. This is why the British brands that we work with choose to use single origin beans.

Single Origin beans are sourced directly from farmers or fair-trade co-operatives to ensure the best price is paid directly to each farmer. As a result, independent chocolate makers in the UK working together, are able to change the ethics of the juggernaut, that is the mass Chocolate Industry.

These are the values at the heart of growing 'Bean to Bar' movement.

Bean to Bar

At The Cocoa Belt we have been lucky to meet some of these incredible and diverse chocolate makers and understand their drive, motivations and appreciate their incredible talent. The bean to bar process is completely different the mass-produced chocolate. It is a process requiring lot of skill and patience. It takes over three days to manually craft each bar.

The beans are first roasted at the right temperature for a length of time to bring out the best flavour notes. This step is followed by a process of cracking and winnowing to extract the cocoa nibs from the husk. It is a dusty job. The nibs are then ground for at least three days, then tempered and moulded into bars.

Each bar is carefully hand packaged in creative and often environmentally friendly, sustainable wrapping. 

The end product is a bar with the maximum amount of flavour and best of all; each bar is unique!


Award Winning Chocolate

Many of the independent British brands featured on The Cocoa Belt have won awards at the Global Academy of Chocolate Awards, an independent body that promotes real chocolate. For example, Academy of Chocolate winners include Bullion and Bare Bones. These accolades and all the chocolate makers have really helped put Britain on the chocolate map.


Looking Forward to Brighter Future Together

The Cocoa Belt is a Bean to Bar Chocolate gift company, that supports  the Independent British craft chocolate makers. Working together in unity, with other British craft industries that are becoming bigger every day; we believe that we can make a difference by raising awareness and appreciation for real chocolate.  We want to do our bit to compensate those hard-working people who make it possible to bring these incredible chocolate bars from bean to bar to you.